Another important lesson

Peet has learned is to surround yourself with good people who are experts in their field. “As a lawyer, I was used to being the one with the skill – people came to me for help, not the other way around,” he says. “I’ve learned that in business, you have to rely on experts in their field to perform their given skills, while using your skill as a businessperson to co-ordinate everything and ensure success. You cannot delegate accountability, but you should delegate responsibility, and people thrive when you allow them to perform at their best. I have an excellent team of people that have helped my business grow to where it is now, and I take pride in their work as if it were my own.”

To his career and life in general – pick yourself up, dust yourself off is another lesson that Peet has learned throughout his varied career journey. “I come to understand that if you have the opportunity to give back to others, you should take it,” he notes. “There are many less fortunate people who would be able to shine if they just received some assistance; a helping hand. I firmly believe that even if you have worked hard for your money, like I have, you still have the responsibility to help others – none of us can say we achieved our success in isolation.”

With this in mind, Peet has a number of causes that are close to his heart. “I believe firmly in the empowerment of women,” he says. “The beauty industry is a wonderful place to encourage women entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers, and I am currently mentoring a female high school student who shows a passion for the industry. Coaching and mentoring are critical to the success of others, and I participate in this as often as I can, both formally and informally.”

Another passion of Peet’s is wildlife and animals. “I support a number of wildlife and animal charities in their operations, including the SPCA,” he says. “I believe we have to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and preserving our natural heritage for generations to come is an important part of that.”

Compassion & Understanding

Peet’s passion for communities saw him generously donate over 1 000 fabric masks and hand sanitizers to those working in essential services during the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Understanding that many on the frontlines of the essential service industry, such as fuel service station workers and retail employees, do not have the means to procure masks or sanitizer of their own, and therefore could risk increased exposure, Peet commissioned the manufacture of reusable, washable, triple-layer hygiene masks made of durable fabric, as well as 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, and distributed over 1 000 of these to essential service employees.

Understanding and caring

Peet understands that many employers might not have access to protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer, due to a countrywide shortage, and set about doing something to correct the problem. “If I couldn’t buy masks to help out, I was going to make them,” he says. “There is always a way to be found, a plan to be made.” These words embody his attitude to his career and life in general – pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get busy making a success of your life.

But who is the man behind the law degree and the business success?

What are his passions and how does he spend his free time?

About Peet

“Well I am a divorced father of three teenagers – two girls and a boy, and have since remarried, so my family keeps me busy,” he says. “I love spending time with them, whether at home or on holiday, and we enjoy doing things together.”

Peet loves to travel, and his favourite local destination is Cape Town. “I have a special affinity for the Cape, and I go there as often as I can,” he says. “My wife and I love to take in the spectacular views – I must always stay in a place with a view, it’s an important part of appreciating where I am. What draws me to Cape Town is its sheer beauty – the mountain, the ocean, the peace and serenity you feel when there. South Africa is a beautiful country, and Cape Town is its jewel.”

Another local heritage that Peet loves to celebrate is the bushveld, and he regularly makes trips to various lodges and luxury camps with his family. “We have such a diverse local landscape in South Africa, and I enjoy taking it all it in away from the hustle and bustle of the city,” he says. “You can often find us out on a game drive, or just enjoying a peaceful view from our veranda when we visit national parks and bush retreats.”

Peet’s favourite international destination is Italy. “I love all things Italian – the food, the culture, the fashion,” he says. “Italy has such a rich heritage, and I can spend hours wandering around its churches, museums and historical monuments, not to mention the wonderful cafés and restaurants that are in abundance. One of my favourite meals, in fact, is ciabatta with cured ham, Italian cheese and ripe Italian tomatoes – simple, yet delicious!”

Peet’s absolute favourite drink is coffee, especially a cappuccino, and he has been known to venture far and wide in search of the perfect cappuccino. “I love the art of making coffee – starting with selecting the perfect coffee beans, roasting them to perfection, blending them just right, and then crafting them into the perfect hot drink,” he explains. “I especially love exotic coffee beans and have quite a collection!”

Although Peet does not drink alcohol, he has an impressive collection of champagne, red wine and whisky. “I have a love for high quality products, and an immense appreciation of the skill required to produce them,” he says. This love extends to fashion, and he can be found wearing Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Hugo Boss designer brands, especially on the golf course. “Golf is my preferred exercise, but I also enjoy gym workouts,” he says. “I believe in keeping fit – a healthy body means a healthy mind.”

Peet has a great sense of humour and loves a funny joke or comedy. “I also enjoy good, intriguing television series – Billions, The Young Pope and Peaky Blinders are some of my favourites,” he says. “I enjoy plots that are cleverly written and keep me guessing!”

When he isn’t off to Cape Town or Italy, or enjoying the bush, Peet can be found at home with family, or enjoying a barbeque with close friends. “I love the simple things in life – quality, fresh seafood, especially prawns; a good steak; a good coffee; good company and good conversation. These things make me happy!”